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In 2012, Jim opened Moon River Studio- a workshop nestled on St. George Island in Southern Maryland. In the small studio overlooking St. George creek, he is currently producing a portfolio of whimsical art clocks – Curious Chronometers.

These one of a kind clocks are crafted by hand combining “found” antique objects and parts with modern clock movements. While each clock’s primary function is to tell time, a fictional story included with each clock, brings the work to life. The term “found object” is a literal translation from the French objet trouvé, meaning objects or products with non-art functions that are placed into an art context and made part of an artwork.  Jim brings this tradition alive, providing today’s collector with an individual cabinet of curiosities to mark the passage of time and enjoy the reclamation of lost treasures. Each piece is unique and the number in its title reflects the month and day it was finished and began ticking. Jim’s vision is to provide timepieces for the home that not only tell the hour of the day but also add character, beauty, wit and charm. 

Jim also enjoys celebrating the beauty of the Southern Maryland landscape in his paintings. “I am often stricken by the spectacular beauty that surrounds us here and will stop everything just to take a moment in. Only to experience a subsequent moment that’s even more striking. I try to capture the emotion of those moments on canvas.” 



PO Box 197

Piney Point, MD



202.302.5129 (mobile)






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